Notch signaling: Its essential roles in bone and craniofacial development

Genes Dis. 2020 Apr 11;8(1):8-24. doi: 10.1016/j.gendis.2020.04.006. eCollection 2021 Jan.


Notch is a cell-cell signaling pathway that is involved in a host of activities including development, oncogenesis, skeletal homeostasis, and much more. More specifically, recent research has demonstrated the importance of Notch signaling in osteogenic differentiation, bone healing, and in the development of the skeleton. The craniofacial skeleton is complex and understanding its development has remained an important focus in biology. In this review we briefly summarize what recent research has revealed about Notch signaling and the current understanding of how the skeleton, skull, and face develop. We then discuss the crucial role that Notch plays in both craniofacial development and the skeletal system, and what importance it may play in the future.

Keywords: Alagille syndrome; Bone; Craniofacial development; Craniosynostosis; Notch; Oncogenesis; Osteogenesis; Spondylocostal dysosotosis.

Publication types

  • Review