Concordance Between the Weight of Spanish Adolescent Soccer Players, Their Self-Perceived Weight, and Their Weight as Perceived by Their Parents

J Pediatr Nurs. Sep-Oct 2021;60:e13-e18. doi: 10.1016/j.pedn.2021.02.011. Epub 2021 Feb 20.


Purpose: In the context of soccer clubs, to analyze the concordance between players' actual weight, their self-perceived weight, and their weight as perceived by their parents; to determine which variables might explain the presence of concordance between parents' perception of adolescents' weight and their actual weight. Design and study: A cross-sectional study involving 330 soccer players aged between 13 and 16. Data on personal characteristics of adolescents and parents were analyzed, as well as parents' perceptions of adolescents' weight status and their self-perception. A descriptive analysis of the personal characteristics of the sample (adolescents and parents) and an analysis of the variables explaining the presence of concordance between the parents' perception of adolescents' weight and their actual weight were performed.

Results: 19% of the adolescents were overweight and 3.4% were obese. The concordance between parents' perceptions of players' weight and players' actual weight was weak. The concordance between adolescents' self-perceived weight and their actual weight was moderate. The difference in BMI scores according to presence or absence of concordance was statistically significant: these scores were higher in the absence of concordance. Discordance between adolescents' weight and their parents' perception of their weight was associated with parents having lower levels of education.

Conclusion: A high percentage of parents and players misperceived their actual weight. This discrepancy was associated with higher BMI scores for adolescents.

Practice implications: Nurses should include promotion of accurate weight perception in educational interventions on excess weight.

Keywords: Adolescents; Obesity; Overweightness; Perception; Self-concept.

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