International medical electives for medical students at a German university: a secondary analysis of longitudinal data

Int Health. 2021 Mar 3;ihab009. doi: 10.1093/inthealth/ihab009. Online ahead of print.


Background: International medical electives (IMEs) are entry points to global health opportunities. IME uptake at German universities is unclear. We analyse 14 y of IME.

Methods: Student registry data were collected. Univariate linear regression examined relationships between enrolment year and IMEs.

Results: The median (IQR) number of IMEs of all enrolment years was 54 (32-80) and 51 (38-67)% of all students took an IME. Enrolment year significantly predicted IME frequency and the proportion of students taking IMEs.

Conclusions: Student interest in IMEs is increasing. Universities should invest more broadly in IME opportunities for student, faculty and university enrichment.

Keywords: global health; medical education; medical students.