Successful GaAlAs low-level laser therapy of self-inflicted thermal burns of the palate

SAGE Open Med Case Rep. 2021 Mar 3:9:2050313X21997205. doi: 10.1177/2050313X21997205. eCollection 2021.


Thermal burns of the oral cavity usually arise from ingestion of hot foods or beverages. A 38-year-old female patient presented with two painful ulcerative erythematous patches of the palate. The patient was consulted on the same day lesions appeared. Medical history was unremarkable. Clinically significant self-inflicted injuries may result in wide ulcers in the mouth and usually do not take less than 2 weeks to heal, whereas our patient, treated with low-level laser therapy, had a complete response in day 4, after 2 days of treatment. The fact that multiple lesions were present signaled against the World Health Organization exclusion diagnosis of erythroplakia for red patches. A traumatic ulcer, regardless of its cause of origin, usually heals within 2 weeks, after the source of injury is resolved. A thermal burn in the oral cavity usually takes longer than that to heal, but whenever this time frame is not respected, the suspicion of a potentially malignant disorder should always arise, and a biopsy should be performed. The present case showed two painful thermal burns with great results in terms of speeding up the relieve of symptoms and healing time with soft laser as opposed to the traditional treatment with oral topical corticosteroid.

Keywords: Dentistry; erythroplakia; laser treatment; oral mucosa; palate; thermal burns.

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