Developments in Mobile Health Just-in-Time Adaptive Interventions for Addiction Science

Curr Addict Rep. 2020 Sep;7(3):280-290. doi: 10.1007/s40429-020-00322-y. Epub 2020 Jun 27.


Purpose of review: Addiction is a serious and prevalent problem across the globe. An important challenge facing intervention science is how to support addiction treatment and recovery while mitigating the associated cost and stigma. A promising solution is the use of mobile health (mHealth) just-in-time adaptive interventions (JITAIs), in which intervention options are delivered in situ via a mobile device when individuals are most in need.

Recent findings: The present review describes the use of mHealth JITAIs to support addiction treatment and recovery, and provides guidance on when and how the micro-randomized trial (MRT) can be used to optimize a JITAI. We describe the design of five mHealth JITAIs in addiction and three MRT studies, and discuss challenges and future directions.

Summary: This review aims to provide guidance for constructing effective JITAIs to support addiction treatment and recovery.

Keywords: Addiction; Just-In-Time Adaptive Intervention; Micro-Randomized Trial; Mobile Health.