Integration of multi-omics approaches for functional characterization of muscle related selective sweep genes in Nanchukmacdon

Sci Rep. 2021 Mar 30;11(1):7219. doi: 10.1038/s41598-021-86683-4.


Pig as a food source serves daily dietary demand to a wide population around the world. Preference of meat depends on various factors with muscle play the central role. In this regards, selective breeding abled us to develop "Nanchukmacdon" a pig breeds with an enhanced variety of meat and high fertility rate. To identify genomic regions under selection we performed whole-genome resequencing, transcriptome, and whole-genome bisulfite sequencing from Nanchukmacdon muscles samples and used published data for three other breeds such as Landrace, Duroc, Jeju native pig and analyzed the functional characterization of candidate genes. In this study, we present a comprehensive approach to identify candidate genes by using multi-omics approaches. We performed two different methods XP-EHH, XP-CLR to identify traces of artificial selection for traits of economic importance. Moreover, RNAseq analysis was done to identify differentially expressed genes in the crossed breed population. Several genes (UGT8, ZGRF1, NDUFA10, EBF3, ELN, UBE2L6, NCALD, MELK, SERP2, GDPD5, and FHL2) were identified as selective sweep and differentially expressed in muscles related pathways. Furthermore, nucleotide diversity analysis revealed low genetic diversity in Nanchukmacdon for identified genes in comparison to related breeds and whole-genome bisulfite sequencing data shows the critical role of DNA methylation pattern in identified genes that leads to enhanced variety of meat. This work demonstrates a way to identify the molecular signature and lays a foundation for future genomic enabled pig breeding.

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