Dataset of why inclusion matters for Alzheimer's disease biomarker discovery in plasma

Data Brief. 2021 Mar 1;35:106923. doi: 10.1016/j.dib.2021.106923. eCollection 2021 Apr.


Here we present a plasma proteomics dataset that was generated to understand the importance of self-reported race for biomarker discovery in Alzheimer's disease. This dataset is related to the article "Why inclusion matters for Alzheimer's disease biomarker discovery in plasma" [1]. Plasma samples were obtained from clinically diagnosed Alzheimer's disease and cognitively normal adults of African American/Black and non-Hispanic White racial and ethnic backgrounds. Plasma was immunodepleted, digested, and isobarically tagged with commercial reagents. Tagged peptides were fractionated using high pH fractionation and resulting fractions analysed by liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS & MS3) analysis on an Orbitrap Fusion Lumos mass spectrometer. The resulting data was processed using Proteome Discoverer to produce a list of identified proteins with corresponding tandem mass tag (TMT) intensity information.

Keywords: African American; Alzheimer's disease; Biomarker; Black; Plasma; Proteomics; disparities.