From Kerr to Heisenberg

Entropy (Basel). 2021 Mar 7;23(3):315. doi: 10.3390/e23030315.


In this paper, we consider the space-time of a charged mass endowed with an angular momentum. The geometry is described by the exact Kerr-Newman solution of the Einstein equations. The peculiar symmetry, though exact, is usually described in terms of the gravito-magnetic field originated by the angular momentum of the source. A typical product of this geometry is represented by the generalized Sagnac effect. We write down the explicit form for the right/left asymmetry of the times of flight of two counter-rotating light beams along a circular trajectory. Letting the circle shrink to the origin the asymmetry stays finite. Furthermore it becomes independent both from the charge of the source (then its electromagnetic field) and from Newton's constant: it is then associated only to the symmetry produced by the gravitomagnetic field. When introducing, for the source, the spin of a Fermion, the lowest limit of the Heisenberg uncertainty formula for energy and time appears.

Keywords: Heisenberg principle; gravito-magnetism; quantum mechanics.