Automatic 1D 1 H NMR Metabolite Quantification for Bioreactor Monitoring

Metabolites. 2021 Mar 9;11(3):157. doi: 10.3390/metabo11030157.


High-throughput metabolomics can be used to optimize cell growth for enhanced production or for monitoring cell health in bioreactors. It has applications in cell and gene therapies, vaccines, biologics, and bioprocessing. NMR metabolomics is a method that allows for fast and reliable experimentation, requires only minimal sample preparation, and can be set up to take online measurements of cell media for bioreactor monitoring. This type of application requires a fully automated metabolite quantification method that can be linked with high-throughput measurements. In this review, we discuss the quantifier requirements in this type of application, the existing methods for NMR metabolomics quantification, and the performance of three existing quantifiers in the context of NMR metabolomics for bioreactor monitoring.

Keywords: NMR; biomanufacturing; bioprocessing; bioreactors; metabolite quantification; metabolomics; quantitative NMR.

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  • Review