Cryo-Structured Materials Based on Polyvinyl Alcohol and Hydroxyapatite for Osteogenesis

J Funct Biomater. 2021 Mar 5;12(1):18. doi: 10.3390/jfb12010018.


The application of various materials in biomedical procedures has recently experienced rapid growth. One of the areas is the treatment of many of different types of bone-related diseases and disorders by using biodegradable polymer-ceramic composites. We have developed a material based on cryogel polyvinyl alcohol, mineralized with calcium phosphate. Composites were obtained by cyclic freezing-thawing, the synthesis of calcium phosphates was carried out in situ under the influence of microwave radiation with heating and stirring. The components of the composites were determined using the methods of IR-spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy and electron probe microanalyzer, as well as their morphology and surface properties. The biological compatibility of the material was investigated in vivo for a Wistar rat. The assessment of the quality of bone formation between the cryogel-based implant and the damaged bone was carried out by computed tomography. An improvement in the consolidation of the bone defect is observed in the bone with the composite in comparison with the control bone.

Keywords: PVA; biocompatible material; bone repair; calcium phosphates; cryogel; hydroxyapatite.