Comparison of Stress Distribution and Deformation of Four Prosthetic Materials in Full-mouth Rehabilitation with Implants: A Three-dimensional Finite Element Study

J Contemp Dent Pract. 2020 Nov 1;21(11):1210-1217.


Aim: This study aimed to compare the von Mises stress distribution and deformation on the implant, abutment, and abutment screw using metal-ceramic, zirconia, polyether ether ketone (PEEK), and Trinia as prosthetic materials for full-mouth cement-retained implant prosthesis using finite element analysis.

Materials and methods: Four, 3-dimensional mandibular models were designed using Solidworks software. Six conical implants of 4.5 × 11.5 mm, with an internal hexagonal abutment, were fabricated and placed. The physical properties of the implant components, bone, and crowns were simulated to mesh the three-dimensional finite element models. The bite was recorded, and various contact points were marked, on which 50 N loads were applied. The von Mises stress distribution and resultant deformation were analyzed using the finite element method.

Results: Higher stress distribution was recorded on the implants, abutments, and abutment screws when zirconia and PEEK prosthesis were used in comparison to metal-ceramic and Trinia. In consideration of deformation, zirconia and Trinia resulted in higher deformation of the implant assembly, abutment, and abutment screw when compared to metal-ceramic and PEEK prosthesis. Anterior implants showed a higher deformation and stress distribution when compared to posterior implants for all four prosthetic materials.

Conclusion: Within the limitations of the study, metal-ceramic and Trinia showed less stress distribution, while metal-ceramic and PEEK exhibited less deformation on implant and its components. Hence in future, Trinia and PEEK along with metal-ceramic can be promising prosthetic materials of choice in full-mouth rehabilitation with implants.

Clinical significance: Considering the deformation and stress distribution on the implant and its components, the selection of prosthetic material in full-mouth rehabilitation has always been a challenge. Findings of the abovementioned cross-sectional observational study could give an overall insight into materials such as metal-ceramic and Trinia as materials of choice, which can provide a basis for future clinical trials.

Keywords: Deformation; Finite element analysis; Implant prosthesis; Peek Trinia..

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