Gingivitis Effectiveness of Emulgel Containing 2% Resveratrol in Orthodontic Patients: An 8-Week Randomized Clinical Trial

Int J Dent. 2021 Mar 29;2021:6615900. doi: 10.1155/2021/6615900. eCollection 2021.


Background: Treatment of gingivitis in patients undergoing orthodontic treatment is done through different methods. Anti-inflammatory agents present in toothpaste or mouthwash are applied spontaneously by patients or used as professional treatment protocols. The present study aimed to investigate the gingivitis effectiveness of Emulgel containing 2% resveratrol in orthodontic patients.

Methods: The study was conducted in three groups, namely, experimental, placebo, and control. In the experimental group, participants used an Emulgel containing 2% resveratrol. In the placebo group, subjects used an identical Emulgel without the active components in the test formulations. After brushing their teeth, the participants learned how to use 5 ml of Emulgel on the gums and massage every night for 30 s. In the control group, subjects were instructed to massage their gums for 30 s every night without any product. Evaluated criteria included bleeding on probing (BOP), gingival index (GI), hyperplastic index (HI), and probing pocket depth (PPD).

Result: During 4 and 8 weeks of the study, the PPD score in the control group did not change significantly but decreased in both groups. Also, there was a decrease in the PPD score in the experimental group compared to the placebo and control groups. Similarly, in the experimental group, continuous use of Emulgel containing 2% resveratrol reduced the HI and GI scores significantly at 4 and 8 weeks after the start of the study. Here, the decrease in GI and HI scores in the experimental group was higher than that of the other groups.

Conclusions: The Emulgel containing 2% resveratrol is effective in improving gingival health in orthodontic patients and can lower gingival inflammation over 8 weeks. This trial is registered with the Iranian registry of clinical trials ( IRCT20130812014333N91.