[Predatory journals: A real threat for medical research. 1. Identify these journals and understand how they work]

Rev Med Interne. 2021 Apr 15;S0248-8663(21)00407-0. doi: 10.1016/j.revmed.2021.03.329. Online ahead of print.
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The "author-pay" model of open access publication, which appeared in 2002, allocates to the author or his institution the costs of processing articles due to the journal after acceptance, for an amount of a few hundred to several thousand euros. New publishers emerged towards the end of the 2000s, which used this model but with purely commercial objectives, offering naive authors and/or wishing to quickly expand their curriculum vitae by publications in "predatory journals". They are characterized by aggressive e-mail solicitations, lack of ethics, lack of details about the publisher and the editorial board, poor peer review, unspecified and low fees for processing articles, a lack of indexing and the promise of rapid publication.

Keywords: Academic spam e-mail; Conférences prédatrices; Open access publication; Predatory conference; Predatory journals; Publication en libre accès; Publication ethics; Revues prédatrices; Spam; Éthique de la publication.

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