Identifying the Range of Micro-Events Preceding the Critical Point in the Destruction Process in Traditional and Quasi-Brittle Cement Composites with the Use of a Sound Spectrum

Materials (Basel). 2021 Apr 6;14(7):1809. doi: 10.3390/ma14071809.


This paper presents the possibilities of determining the range of stresses preceding the critical destruction process in cement composites with the use of micro-events identified by means of a sound spectrum. The presented test results refer to the earlier papers in which micro-events (destruction processes) were identified but without determining the stress level of their occurrence. This paper indicates a correlation of 2/3 of the stress level corresponding to the elastic range with the occurrence of micro-events in traditional and quasi-brittle composites. Tests were carried out on beams (with and without reinforcement) subjected to four-point bending. In summary, it is suggested that the conclusions can be extended to other test cases (e.g., compression strength), which should be confirmed by the appropriate tests. The paper also indicates a need for further research to identify micro-events. The correct recognition of micro-events is important for the safety and durability of traditional and quasi-brittle cement composites.

Keywords: AE acoustic emission; micro-events; sound spectrum; traditional and quasi-brittle cement composites.