The Role of Hydrogen Bond Donor on the Extraction of Phenolic Compounds from Natural Matrices Using Deep Eutectic Systems

Molecules. 2021 Apr 17;26(8):2336. doi: 10.3390/molecules26082336.


Recently, deep eutectic systems (DESs) as extraction techniques for bioactive compounds have surfaced as a greener alternative to common organic solvents. In order to study the effect of these systems on the extraction of phenolic compounds from different natural sources, a comprehensive review of the state of the art was carried out. In a first approach, the addition of water to these systems and its effect on DES physicochemical properties such as polarity, viscosity, and acidity was investigated. This review studied the effect of the hydrogen bond donor (HBD) on the nature of the extracted phenolics. The effects of the nature of the HBD, namely carbon chain length as well as the number of hydroxyl, methyl, and carbonyl groups, have shown to play a critical role in the extraction of different phenolic compounds. This review highlights the differences between DES systems and systematizes the results published in the literature, so that a more comprehensive evaluation of the systems can be carried out before any experimental trial.

Keywords: antioxidants; deep eutectic systems; extraction; hydrogen bond donor; natural matrices; phenolic compounds.

Publication types

  • Review