The Influence of Specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides on Body Composition and Muscle Strength in Middle-Aged, Untrained Men: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2021 Apr 30;18(9):4837. doi: 10.3390/ijerph18094837.


It has been shown that specific collagen peptides combined with resistance training (RT) improves body composition and muscle strength in elderly sarcopenic men. The main purpose of this RCT study was to investigate the efficacy of the identical specific collagen peptides combined with RT on body composition and muscle strength in middle-aged, untrained men. Furthermore, in the exploratory part of the study, these results were compared with another group that had received whey protein in addition to the RT. Ninety-seven men completed this study and participated in a 12-week RT program. They ingested 15 g of specific collagen peptides (n = 30; CP-G), placebo (n = 31; P-G), or whey protein (n = 36; WP-G) daily. Changes in fat free mass and fat mass were determined by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA), and isometric leg strength was measured. All participants had significantly (p < 0.01) improved levels in fat free mass (ΔCP-G = 3.42 ± 2.54 kg; ΔP-G = 1.83 ± 2.09 kg; ΔWP-G = 2.27 ± 2.56 kg), fat mass (ΔCP-G = -5.28 ± 3.19 kg; ΔP-G = -3.39 ± 3.13 kg; ΔWP-G = -4.08 ± 2.80 kg) and leg strength (ΔCP-G = 163 ± 189 N; ΔP-G = 100 ± 154 N; ΔWP-G = 120 ± 233 N). The main analysis revealed a statistically significantly higher increase in fat free mass (p = 0.010) and decrease in fat mass (p = 0.023) in the CP-G compared with the P-G. The exploratory analysis showed no statistically significant differences between WP-G and CP-G or P-G, regarding changes of fat free mass and fat mass. In conclusion, specific collagen peptide supplementation combined with RT was associated with a significantly greater increase in fat free mass and a decrease in fat mass compared with placebo. RT combined with whey protein also had a positive impact on body composition, but the respective effects were more pronounced following the specific collagen peptide administration.

Keywords: DXA; body composition; collagen peptides; muscle strength; resistance training; whey protein.

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