Adaptation of the evidence-based practices attitude scale-15 in Turkish family medicine residents

Int J Clin Pract. 2021 May 11;e14354. doi: 10.1111/ijcp.14354. Online ahead of print.


Aims: Aim of this study is to translate and apply a cross-cultural adaptation of the Evidence-Based Practice Attitude Scale (EBPAS) in Turkish and investigate its validity and reliability.

Methods: The original EBPAS-15 (a questionnaire assessing health professionals' attitudes to implementation of evidence-based practice) was translated into Turkish. To assess its validity and reliability, 151 family medicine residents answered the EBPAS-15 by web-based survey. In addition, relationships of family medicine residents' characteristics with EBPAS-15 total scores are examined.

Results: The results showed that the EBPAS-15 has good internal consistency and reliability. The Cronbach's alpha value for EBPAS-15 was 0.828. The scores of the two scales were highly correlated (ρ = 0.72). In the scale, there was no item with a total correlation value of less than 0.40. For this reason, no item was removed due to the high reliability value of all 15 items.

Conclusion: The Turkish version of the EBPAS-15 shows mainly good validity and reliability.