Barriers and Facilitators in the Uptake of Integrated Care Pathways for Older Patients by Healthcare Professionals: A Qualitative Analysis of the French National "Health Pathway of Seniors for Preserved Autonomy" Pilot Program: Barriers and Facilitators for Adhesion of Healthcare Professionals in Integrated Care for Older Patients: A Qualitative Assessment Based on the French National Experiment: 'Health Pathway of Seniors for Preserved Autonomy' (PAERPA)

Int J Integr Care. 2021 Apr 22;21(2):7. doi: 10.5334/ijic.5483.


Introduction: Integrated care is a particularly promising approach in geriatrics - a field in which the medical, psychological and social issues are often complex. The uptake of integrated care by healthcare professionals (HCPs) is essential but varies markedly. The objective of the present study of healthcare professionals was to identify barriers to and facilitators of commitment to integrated care for seniors.

Methods: We performed a two-step, qualitative study, comprising (i) six qualitative, semi-directive series of interviews with HCPs (hospital practitioners, family physicians, nurses and pharmacists) who agreed or disagreed to take part in the French national "Health Pathway of Seniors for Preserved Autonomy" (PAERPA) pilot program; and (ii) an analysis of the pooled results, in order to identify common concerns among the healthcare professionals.

Results: We identified four key "barrier" and "facilitator" topics shared by HCPs who had committed to the pilot program and those who had not: (i) awareness of and/or interest in geriatric medicine and team working, (ii) the presence of a care coordinator; (iii) the provision of information about the program and about the patient, and communication between HCPs, and (iv) personal benefits for the HCPs and the patients.

Key conclusions: The four key topics identified in this large qualitative study of several healthcare professions should be considered during the design and dissemination of integrated care pathways for older patients.

Keywords: care pathway; elderly; frailty; integrated care.