Hybrid metamaterial absorber for ultra-low and dual-broadband absorption

Opt Express. 2021 Apr 26;29(9):14078-14086. doi: 10.1364/OE.423245.


Developing high-efficiency microwave absorbers remains challenging in the broadband range, particularly in the low-frequency range containing the L band and even lower. To overcome this challenge, a hybrid metamaterial absorber comprising a conventional magnetic absorbing material and a multi-layered meta-structure predesigned with graphene films is proposed to realize wideband absorption performance starting from ultra-low frequencies (0.79-20.9 GHz and 25.1-40.0 GHz). The high absorption ability of the proposed device originates from fundamental resonance modes and their coupling. The experimental results agree well with the simulated ones, proving the effectiveness of our design method. In addition, owing to the use of low-density polymethylacrylimide foam and graphene films with outstanding mechanical properties, our design is lightweight and environmentally adaptable, which reflects its engineering value.