Mucosal Melanoma: A Review Emphasizing the Molecular Landscape and Implications for Diagnosis and Management

Surg Pathol Clin. 2021 Jun;14(2):293-307. doi: 10.1016/j.path.2021.01.005. Epub 2021 Apr 28.


Mucosal melanomas are rare, often aggressive tumors that can arise at any mucosal site but most frequently occur in the head and neck, vulvovaginal, and anorectal regions. They have distinct biological, clinical, and histopathologic features, which have important management implications. Recent whole-genome sequencing studies have led to a greater understanding of the molecular landscape of mucosal melanomas and uncovered oncogenic drivers that could potentially be susceptible to therapeutic manipulation. The authors provide a brief overview of epidemiologic, clinical, and histopathologic features of mucosal melanoma, with particular emphasis on recent advances in understanding, which have arisen from analyzing their molecular landscape.

Keywords: Molecular; Mucosal melanoma; Mutations.

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  • Review