Yet Another Quick Assembly, Analysis and Trimming Tool (YAQAAT): A Server for the Automated Assembly and Analysis of Sanger Sequencing Data

J Biomol Tech. 2021 Apr;32(1):10-14. doi: 10.7171/jbt.21-3202-003.


Even with the ubiquity of Sanger sequencing, automated assembly software are predominantly stand-alone software packages for desktop/laptop use with very few online equivalents, thus geospatially constraining sequence analysis and assembly. With increased data output worldwide, there is also a need for automated quality checks and trimming prior to large assemblies, along with automated detection of mutations. Through web servers with expanded automation and functionalities, even smartphones/phablets can be used to perform complex analysis previously limited to desktops, especially if they can upload files from cloud storage. To facilitate such online accessible sequence assembly and analysis, we created Yet Another Quick Assembly, Analysis and Trimming Tool web server for the automated assembly of multiple .ab1 and .FASTQ sequencing reads de novo with automated trimming and scanning of the assembled sequences for single nucleotide polymorphisms and insertions or deletions without installation of software, allowing it to be accessed from anywhere with Internet access and with minimal dependency on other software and web tools.

Keywords: AB1; FASTQ; INDEL; SNP; batch assembly.

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