Ensuring data integrity of healthcare information in the era of digital health

Healthc Technol Lett. 2021 Apr 16;8(3):66-77. doi: 10.1049/htl2.12008. eCollection 2021 Jun.


Data integrity continues to be a persistent problem in the current healthcare sector. It ensures that the data is correct and has not even in any manner been improperly changed. Incorrect data might become significant health threats for patients and a big responsibility for clinicians, resulting in problems such as scam, misconduct, inadequate treatment and data theft. This sort of endangering scenario causes tremendous difficulty in handling healthcare data. This research intends to describe the threat plot of data integrity in healthcare through numerous attack statistics from around the world and Saudi Arabia and identify the criticality in Saudi Arabia in particular. A literature review by descriptive analysis, unit analysis and rating analysis to achieve the planned systematic literature review goal is outlined. The outcome of ranking analysis using a fuzzy analytical hierarchy process methodology offers a route for Saudi Arabian researchers to promote medical records or data security in Arabic healthcare. It is suggested that blockchain is the most prioritized method for regular use and adaptation across Saudi Arabia in all data integrity management techniques. To address the challenges of data integrity and future path, the authors critically examine the challenges posed by data integrity in the healthcare sector.