First record of Paegniodes Eaton, 1881 (Ephemeroptera, Heptageniidae) from Thailand with description of a new species

Zookeys. 2021 May 10:1036:153-170. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.1036.64880. eCollection 2021.


A new species of Heptageniidae, Paegniodes sapanensis sp. nov., is described based on larvae, subimagos, eggs, and COI data. The mayfly genus Paegniodes Eaton, 1881 is reported for the first time from Thailand. The larva of the new species can be distinguished from other known Paegniodes species by i) lamellae of gill I ca 1/4 of fibrilliform portion and ii) mandibles and basal segment of maxillary palp without dense setae on margin. The subimago characters useful to distinguish this new species from previously known species are i) the median stripes on abdominal terga and ii) shape of the female subgenital and subanal plates. The genetic distance between the new species and P. cupulatus (Eaton, 1871) was approximately 11%. The morphological characters of the new species are discussed and compared to other known species.

Keywords: COI; Southeast Asia; diversity; mayfly.