Low-Power Wireless Sensor Network Using Fine-Grain Control of Sensor Module Power Mode

Sensors (Basel). 2021 May 4;21(9):3198. doi: 10.3390/s21093198.


Wireless sensor nodes are heavily resource-constrained due to their edge form factor, which has motivated increasing battery life through low-power techniques. This paper proposes a power management method that leads to less energy consumption in an idle state than conventional power management systems used in wireless sensor nodes. We analyze and benchmark the power consumption between Sleep, Idle, and Run modes. To reduce sensor node power consumption, we develop fine-grained power modes (FGPM) with five states which modulate energy consumption according to the sensor node's communication status. We evaluate the proposed method on a test bench Mica2. As a result, the power consumed is 74.2% lower than that of conventional approaches. The proposed method targets the reduction of power consumption in IoT sensor modules with long sleep mode or short packet data in which most networks operate.

Keywords: power management; power mode; sensor node; wireless sensor networks.