Quantitative Comparison of Binary Mix of Agro-Industrial Pozzolanic Additions for Elaborating Ternary Cements: Kinetic Parameters

Materials (Basel). 2021 May 29;14(11):2944. doi: 10.3390/ma14112944.


In this research work, the quantitative characterization of a binary blend comprised of two pozzolans (sugar cane straw (SCSA)-sugar cane bagasse ashes (SCBA), bamboo leaf ash (BLAsh)-SCBA and paper sludge (PS)-fly ash (FA)) taking into account the calculated values of the kinetic parameters of the reaction in the pozzolan/calcium hydroxide system is shown. The paper shows the most significant and important results obtained by the authors in the quantitative assessment (calculation of kinetic parameters) of the pozzolanic reaction of different mixtures of pozzolanic materials that are residues from agriculture or industrial processes. This allows a direct and rigorous comparison of the pozzolanic activity of the binary combinations of materials. The values of the kinetic parameters (reaction rate constant or activation free energy) constitute a very precise quantitative index of the pozzolanic activity of the binary combinations of materials, which is very useful for its employment in the elaboration of ternary cements. This paper shows that the binary blends 1SCBA60Blash40, 1SCBA50Blash50, 1SCBA70Blash30 have a very high pozzolanic reactivity followed by PSLSFA, 2SCBA50SCSA50, PSISFA and SCWI.

Keywords: binary combinations; kinetic parameters; kinetic-diffusive model; pozzolanic activity; quantitative characterization; ternary cements.