HIV-Positive Status Disclosure to Sexual Partner and Associated Factors Among Adult HIV-Positive Patients in Debre Markos Town, 2019

HIV AIDS (Auckl). 2021 May 24:13:571-579. doi: 10.2147/HIV.S293017. eCollection 2021.


Background: Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) positive status non-disclosure to a sexual partner is a public health problem where a high prevalence of HIV infection is reported in a region with poor partner disclosure status. This study aimed to assess HIV-positive status disclosure to sexual partners and associated factors among adult HIV clients at Debre Markos town, Amhara Regional State Ethiopia, in 2019.

Methods: A facility-based cross-sectional study was conducted among 406 adult HIV-positive clients in Debre Markos town from September 1 to 30, 2019. Epidata version 3.1 for data entry and SPSS version 25 for data analysis were used. Bivariable and multivariable logistic analyses at (p<0.05) were performed.

Results: From 421 study participants, 406 were participated giving response rate of 96.4%. The proportion of HIV status disclosure to sexual partner was 92.6%. Male sex (AOR = 2.863, 95%, CI = 1.147-7.146), urban residence (AOR = 2.438, 95% CI = 1.032-5.759), knowing sexual partner's HIV status (AOR = 2.749, 95% CI = 1.015-7.441), good anti-retroviral medication adherence status (AOR = 2.445, 95% CI = 1.023-5.845), and being a member of an anti-HIV club (AOR = 3.07, 95% CI = 1.314-7.171) were factors significantly associated with HIV-positive status disclosure at p value <0.05.

Conclusions and recommendation: The proportion of HIV-positive status disclosure to sexual partners was high. This study recommended that it is better to promote antiretroviral treatment adherence counseling, mutual partner HIV testing, and membership of anti-HIV/acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) club through extensive health education with particular attention given to females and rural residents.

Keywords: acquired immune deficiency syndrome; AIDS; disclosure status; human immunodeficiency virus; HIV; sexual partner.

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