Groundwater level and electrical conductivity datasets acquired within pumping tests on Ilovik Island in Croatia

Data Brief. 2021 May 29;37:107180. doi: 10.1016/j.dib.2021.107180. eCollection 2021 Aug.


The small karst island of Ilovik is the most southern of inhabited islands in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. During summer tourist season the number of inhabitants increases significantly, and securing the additional freshwater quantities was needed. Given the hydrogeological and geomorphological setting of the island, possibility of brackish groundwater exploitation was considered. Hence, borehole drilling accompanied with pumping tests at three specified locations was carried out. During the pumping tests in two campaigns, groundwater level was measured manually every 2 hours in boreholes, while groundwater electric conductivity and temperature were periodically measured in situ. The sea level was observed at the reference point located near port. Given dataset consists of electrical conductivity, temperature, groundwater and seawater levels. The research article connected with these data (Terzić et al., 2020) provides hydrogeological interpretation of brackish groundwater lens on small karst island.

Keywords: Electrical conductivity; Fresh/seawater relations; Groundwater level; Hydrogeology; Karst; Pumping test.