Switching to Biobased Products - The Brand Owner Perspective

Ind Biotechnol (New Rochelle N Y). 2021 Jun 1;17(3):109-116. doi: 10.1089/ind.2021.29246.jga. Epub 2021 Jun 11.


Brand owners can play a key role in enabling biobased products to penetrate mass markets and to influence consumer choices in relation to biobased products. The current paper explores the role that brand owners can play in supporting market uptake of biobased products and captures the perspectives of European brand owners in relation to biobased products. Based on the findings of this paper, brand owners have an overall positive outlook towards biobased products, with 85% of brands who don't currently use biobased ingredients or products within their branded products and 95% of brands who don't currently use biobased packaging interested in including these in future. However, brand owners still perceive some concerns surrounding biobased products including their high cost, functional performance and ease of integration, as well as their reliability of supply. Regional differences among brand owners have also been identified, with cost and uncertainty around customer demand appearing as a bigger issue in continental Europe, with functional performance concerns appearing as a more pressing issue for brands in northern Europe.