Assessment of the Suitability of Ceramic Waste in Geopolymer Composites: An Appraisal

Materials (Basel). 2021 Jun 14;14(12):3279. doi: 10.3390/ma14123279.


Currently, novel inorganic alumino-silicate materials, known as geopolymer composites, have emerged swiftly as an ecobenevolent alternative to contemporary ordinary Portland cement (OPC) building materials since they display superior physical and chemical attributes with a diverse range of possible potential applications. The said innovative geopolymer technology necessitates less energy and low carbon footprints as compared to OPC-based materials because of the incorporation of wastes and/or industrial byproducts as binders replacing OPC. The key constituents of ceramic are silica and alumina and, hence, have the potential to be employed as an aggregate to manufacture ceramic geopolymer concrete. The present manuscript presents a review of the performance of geopolymer composites incorporated with ceramic waste, concerning workability, strength, durability, and elevated resistance evaluation.

Keywords: ceramic powder waste (CPW); ceramic sanitary-wares wastes (CSW); construction and demolition wastes (CDW); geopolymer; ordinary Portland cement (OPC); porcelain tile polishing residue (PPR); waste clay brick powder (WBP).

Publication types

  • Review