Short-Time Fourier Transform Based on Metaprogramming and the Stockham Optimization Method

Sensors (Basel). 2021 Jun 15;21(12):4123. doi: 10.3390/s21124123.


The extension for high-performance STFT (Short-Time Fourier Transform) algorithm written entirely in Java language for non-parallel computations is presented in the current paper. This solution could compete with the best available and most common algorithms supplied by libraries such as FFTW or JTransform. The main idea was to move complex computations and expensive functions to the program generation phase. Thus, only core and essential operations were executed during the runtime phase. Furthermore, new approach allows to eliminate the necessity for a rearrangement operation that uses the bit-reversal permutation technique. This article presents a brief description of the STFT solution that was worked out as an extension for the original application, in order to increase its efficiency. The solution remains a Stockham algorithm adapted using metaprogramming techniques and entails an additional reduction its execution time. Performance tests and experiments were conducted using a Java Platform and JMH library, which allowed for accurate execution time measurements. Major aspects of the Java VM like warm-up effects were also taken into consideration. Solution was applied into Electrical Capacitance Tomography measurement system in order to measure the material changes during the silo discharging industrial process.

Keywords: DSP; ECT; Java; STFT; Stockham algorithm; butterfly operation; metaprogramming; program optimization.

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