Purification, Characterization, and Self-Assembly of the Polysaccharide from Allium schoenoprasum

Foods. 2021 Jun 11;10(6):1352. doi: 10.3390/foods10061352.


The major polysaccharide component from the stalk of Allium schoenoprasum (AssP) was extracted and purified. Gel filtration chromatography purified AssP exhibited a molecular weight of around 1.7 kDa, which was verified by MALDI-ToF-MS. The monosaccharide analysis revealed its composition as rhamnose: arabinose: galactose: glucose: mannose: fructose with a molar ratio of 0.03:2.46:3.71:3.35:1.00:9.93, respectively. The Congo-red assay indicated that there was no tertiary structure of this polysaccharide, however, it self-assembled into a homogenous nanoparticle with a diameter of ~600 nm as revealed by the dynamic light scattering measurement. The solution behavior of this polysaccharide was simulated. The association of this polysaccharide was both time dependent and concentration dependent. AssP forms spherical particles spontaneously as time passes by, and when the AssP concentration increased, the spherical particles increased their sizes and eventually merged into cylindrical micelles. The diversity of AssP hydrodynamic behavior endowed potential versatility in its future applications.

Keywords: Allium schoenoprasum; Chinese chive; hydrodynamic behavior; polysaccharide structure.