Racial/Ethnic Variations in Acne: Implications for Treatment and Skin Care Recommendations for Acne Patients With Skin of Color

J Drugs Dermatol. 2021 Jul 1;20(7):716-725. doi: 10.36849/JDD.6169.


Background: Acne vulgaris is among the most common dermatologic diagnoses observed, including skin color (SOC) populations. This project sought to help clarify the existing published data and provide consensus statements on acne presentation, prevention, treatment, and maintenance in SOC populations to help improve patient outcomes.

Methods: Six SOC dermatologists convened for a virtual meeting and used a modified Delphi process to address: 1) Are there racial/ethnic differences in the clinical presentation and sequela of acne? 2) Are there racial/ethnic differences in the therapeutic endpoint of acne treatment and patient expectations? 3) Is there a need for specialized approaches to therapeutic options and skincare in acne patients with SOC? The results of a literature review and the outcome of discussions, coupled with the panel's expert opinion and experience, are intended for health care providers caring for acne patients and clinician-researchers.

Results: Racial/ethnic differences in the clinical presentation, sequelae, and desired treatment outcomes for acne have been reported. Notwithstanding limitations in the number, size, and methodologies of studies to date, the available data suggest that strategies that improve outcomes in acne patients with SOC include: Early initiation and maintenance of treatment regimens and careful consideration of tolerability of active ingredients, vehicles, and dosing. Using pH-balanced, non-irritating cleansers and non-comedogenic ceramides containing moisturizers help minimize irritation or dryness.

Conclusions: There a need for specialized approaches to therapeutic options and skincare in acne patients with SOC. OTC skincare products are recommended before and during prescription therapy and as part of a maintenance regimen. J Drugs Dermatol. 2021;20(7):716-725. doi:10.36849/JDD.6169 THIS ARTICLE HAD BEEN MADE AVAILABLE FREE OF CHARGE. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO ACCESS THE FULL TEXT OF THIS ARTICLE WITHOUT LOGGING IN. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. PLEASE CONTACT THE PUBLISHER WITH ANY QUESTIONS.