MEMS enabled miniaturized light-sheet microscopy with all optical control

Sci Rep. 2021 Jul 8;11(1):14100. doi: 10.1038/s41598-021-93454-8.


We have designed and implemented a compact, cost-efficient miniaturised light-sheet microscopy system based on optical microelectromechanical systems scanners and tunable lenses. The system occupies a footprint of 20 × 28 × 13 cm3 and combines off-the-shelf optics and optomechanics with 3D-printed structural and optical elements, and an economically costed objective lens, excitation laser and camera. All-optical volume scanning enables imaging of 435 × 232 × 60 µm3 volumes with 0.25 vps (volumes per second) and minimum lateral and axial resolution of 1.0 µm and 3.8 µm respectively. An open-top geometry allows imaging of samples on flat bottomed holders, allowing integration with microfluidic devices, multi-well plates and slide mounted samples, with applications envisaged in biomedical research and pre-clinical settings.

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