Zygotic Embryogenesis in Flowering Plants

Methods Mol Biol. 2021;2288:73-88. doi: 10.1007/978-1-0716-1335-1_4.


In the context of plant regeneration, in vitro systems to produce embryos are frequently used. In many of these protocols, nonzygotic embryos are initiated that will produce shoot-like structures but may lack a primary root. By increasing the auxin-to-cytokinin ratio in the growth medium, roots are then regenerated in a second step. Therefore, in vitro systems might not or only partially execute a similar developmental program as employed during zygotic embryogenesis. There are, however, in vitro systems that can remarkably mimic zygotic embryogenesis such as Brassica microspore-derived embryos. In this case, the patterning process of these haploid embryos closely follows zygotic embryogenesis and all fundamental tissue types are generated in a rather similar manner. In this review, we discuss the most fundamental molecular events during early zygotic embryogenesis and hope that this brief summary can serve as a reference for studying and developing in vitro embryogenesis systems in the context of doubled haploid production.

Keywords: Axis formation; Pattern formation; Radial patterning; Root formation; Shoot apical meristem; Zygote polarization; Zygotic embryogenesis.

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