Practical Tips of English Expressions for Non-Native English-Speaking Peer Reviewers

Vasc Specialist Int. 2021 Jul 20;37:23. doi: 10.5758/vsi.210044.


Peer review is an essential part in ensuring the quality of papers published in scientific journals. Good reviews are beneficial for both authors and journal editors by providing authors with the opportunity to improve their manuscripts and editors with valuable comments to aid themselves to make their decisions. Despite a plethora of research articles on general guidelines for peer reviewing, it is difficult to find papers on English expressions peer reviewers can use, in particular for nonnative English-speaking peer reviewers. Therefore, this article provides "downto-earth" guidance for non-native English-speaking reviewers to construct better quality reviews. To this end, I suggest useful English expressions to help peer reviewers, whose mother tongue is not English, enhance the quality of their reviews.

Keywords: English expression; Peer review.

Publication types

  • Review