Evaluation of Psychometric Properties of the Persian Version of Brief Male Sexual Function Inventory: A Cross-Sectional Study

Sex Med. 2021 Oct;9(5):100409. doi: 10.1016/j.esxm.2021.100409. Epub 2021 Jul 26.


Introduction: Male sexual dysfunction is a common problem, and there are many self-report questionnaires for measuring sexual function among men; however, the Brief Male Sexual Function Inventory (BSFI) is a tool that has 5 subscales, which is more complete than others. a validated self-report questionnaire, in the local language with modest expressions is required for men.

Aim: To determine the validity and reliability of the Persian version of the BSFI among men.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted on 200 males. The sampling process was performed in several stages from health centers. After the accomplishment of the standard process of back-translating the questionnaire from English to Persian, its face, content, and construct validity were evaluated. The collected data were analyzed using confirmatory factor analysis, multivariate analysis of variance, and Pearson correlation coefficient. To determine the reliability of the instrument, the test-retest method was used with 2 weeks interval and the Cronbach's alpha coefficient method was applied to check the internal homogeneity.

Main outcome measures: Reliability (internal consistency and test-retest) and validity were assessed RESULTS: According to the research findings, confirmatory factor analysis had an acceptable fit. By modifying the measurement model and fitting the final model, the fitting indices were obtained as the following: Chi-square statistic = 21.63, NPAR = 36, P = .001 > 0.05; Tucker-Lewis index = 0.956; comparative fit indices = 0.976; Normed Fit Index = 0.952; and root mean square error of approximation = 0.068. These values indicated that the obtained model had a good fit for the data. Moreover, Cronbach's alpha and intra-cluster correlation coefficients of the whole questionnaire were calculated at 0.893 and 0.893, respectively (confidence interval between 0.811-0.950), showing the internal consistency of the items in the whole questionnaire and domain.

Conclusion: The BSFI questionnaire showed a 5-factor structure similar to the original structure and the 11-item Persian version of the questionnaire of male sexual function can be considered a valid and reliable tool to assess the level of male sexual function. Rezaei N, Sharifi N, Fathnezhad-Kazemi A, et al. Evaluation of Psychometric Properties of the Persian Version of Brief Male Sexual Function Inventory: A Cross-Sectional Study. Sex Med 2021;9:100409.

Keywords: Men; Reliability; Sexual function; Validity.