Gloss Retention on Enamel and Resin Composite Surfaces After Brushing Teeth with Commercial and Modified Dentifrices

J Can Dent Assoc. 2021 Apr;87:l6.


Objectives: We examined the surface gloss and roughness of a dental composite and human enamel after brushing with a new bioactive glass (BCF201) additive designed to treat dentine hypersensitivity.

Methods: We prepared 2 cohorts of samples: a resin-based composite (RBC) and human enamel. Each cohort received 20 000 brushing cycles with Colgate Optic White Enamel (Colgate Optic), Sensodyne Whitening Repair and Protect (Sensodyne), Colgate Enamel Health Sensitivity Relief (Colgate-EN) with and without BCF201 added or Germiphene Gel 7 HT (Gel 7) with and without BCF201 added. The average gloss and roughness of the enamel and RBC surfaces were measured before brushing and after 20 000 back-and-forth brushing cycles. A linear regression function was applied to the gloss results, and the data were analyzed using ANOVA and a Tukey post-hoc test (α = 0.05).

Results: After 20 000 brushing cycles, the control (Gel 7) had no significant effect on the gloss or roughness of the RBC. However, the choice of dentifrice had a significant effect on both gloss and roughness (p < 0.001). With respect to RBC, after brushing, surface roughness was ranked from smoothest to roughest: Gel 7 = Gel 7 plus BCF201 > Colgate-EN plus BCF201 = Colgate Optic = Colgate-EN > Sensodyne. With respect to enamel, the smoothest to the roughest surfaces after brushing were: Gel 7 plus BCF201 = Sensodyne = Colgate-EN plus BCF201 > Gel 7 = Colgate Optic = Colgate-EN.

Conclusion: The bioactive glass additive had no adverse effect on the surface roughness or gloss of human enamel or RBC.

Significance: The addition of BCF201 appears to have a polishing effect on RBC and enamel and reduced the abrasive effects of Colgate-EN on RBC and enamel.

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