Estimation of Phase Ratio in Bulk, Textured TWIP/TRIP Steels from Pole Figures

Materials (Basel). 2021 Jul 24;14(15):4132. doi: 10.3390/ma14154132.


The volume fraction of austenite (γ), ε martensite and α' martensite is of key importance in the research of TWIP/TRIP steels. When mechanical loading is involved, the crystallographic texture also develops, which complicates X-ray diffraction-based phase ratio determination. The problem is more pronounced when only a couple, or only one Bragg-reflection can be measured. A solution for such cases is to determine the ratio of the phases based on the pole distribution function of a selected Bragg-reflection of the present phases. In this manuscript, this method is reconsidered for and applied to non-transmittable bulk specimens for the first time in the reflection mode of XRD pole figure measurements. First, the method was applied to a series of γ-α' powder mixtures. The results were compared to those obtained by the Rietveld method. Afterwards, the technique was applied to strongly textured, bulk TWIP/TRIP steel specimens which were tensile tested at different temperatures. It was shown that the results of the presented method were close to those of the Rietveld technique in the case of powder mixtures. The results of the tensile-tested steels revealed that the α' content increases with decreasing test temperatures, and the variation of the α' ratio correlates very well with the ultimate tensile strength versus the temperature, confirming the contribution of the α' content to the strength of TWIP/TRIP steels.

Keywords: phase ratio; pole figure; steel; texture.