Preparation of W-C-Co Composite Micropowder with Spherical Shaped Particles Using Plasma Technologies

Materials (Basel). 2021 Jul 30;14(15):4258. doi: 10.3390/ma14154258.


The possibility of obtaining composite micropowders of the W-C-Co system with a spherical particle shape having a submicron/nanoscale internal structure was experimentally confirmed. In the course of work carried out, W-C-Co system nanopowders with the average particle size of approximately 50 nm were produced by plasma-chemical synthesis. This method resulted in the uniform distribution of W, Co and C among the nanoparticles of the powder in the nanometer scale range. Dense microgranules with an average size of 40 microns were obtained from the nanopowders by spray drying. The spherical micropowders with an average particle size of 20 microns were received as a result of plasma treatment of 25.36 microns microgranule fraction. The spherical particles obtained in the experiments had a predominantly dense microstructure and had no internal cavities. The influence of plasma treatment process parameters on dispersity, phase, and chemical composition of spherical micropowders and powder particles microstructure has been established.

Keywords: DC thermal plasma; cobalt; granulation; nanopowder; spheroidization; synthesis; tungsten carbides.