Tropical Fruits and Their Co-Products as Bioactive Compounds and Their Health Effects: A Review

Foods. 2021 Aug 22;10(8):1952. doi: 10.3390/foods10081952.


Tropical and subtropical fruits are recognized as a source of a high content of bioactive compounds and health promoting properties due to their nutritional composition. These beneficial health effects are related to the content of several of these bioactive compounds, mainly flavonoids and non-flavonoid phenolics. Many of these compounds are common in different tropical fruits, such as epicatechin in mango, pineapple, and banana, or catechin in pineapple, cocoa or avocado. Many studies of tropical fruits had been carried out, but in this work an examination is made in the current literature of the flavonoids and non-flavonoid phenolics content of some tropical fruits and their coproducts, comparing the content in the same units, as well as examining the role that these compounds play in health benefits.

Keywords: anti-carcinogenesis; anti-inflammatory; bioactive compounds; cardiovascular disease; flavonoids; health; phenolic acids; tropical fruits.

Publication types

  • Review