Effect of Propolis Paste and Mouthwash Formulation on Healing after Teeth Extraction in Periodontal Disease

Plants (Basel). 2021 Aug 4;10(8):1603. doi: 10.3390/plants10081603.


This study investigated the antimicrobial effects of a mouthwash containing propolis and the effect of a propolis paste formulation on dental healing after teeth extraction in patients with periodontal disease. In the mouthwash experience, the population comprised 40 patients, which were divided as follows: the control mouthwash, 0.2% chlorhexidine (v/v) mouthwash, 2% (w/v) propolis mouthwash, and propolis + chlorhexidine mouthwash. The study of the propolis paste comprised a population of 60 patients with periodontal disease, and a total of 120 symmetric tooth extractions were performed. Propolis showed antimicrobial activity by itself, and especially with the chlorhexidine association. Three days after surgery in the teeth treated with control paste, only 13.4% had completely healed; however, with propolis paste, in 90% of the periodontal sockets, healing was complete. In addition, a reduction in Streptococci mutans and Lactobacilli cfu was observed with propolis, and especially with the association of chlorhexidine + propolis. Propolis mouthwash reduced bacterial proliferation, especially in association with chlorhexidine. Propolis paste is a viable alternative for socket healing after dental extraction. The knowledge gained from these findings will provide a foundation for similar propolis therapies in order to improve the healing process after dental surgery.

Keywords: chlorhexidine; oral healing; periodontal disease; propolis; teeth extraction.