Emulgel Loaded with Flaxseed Extracts as New Therapeutic Approach in Wound Treatment

Pharmaceutics. 2021 Jul 21;13(8):1107. doi: 10.3390/pharmaceutics13081107.


Dry (D.E.) and liquid (L.E.) extracts were prepared from flaxseeds and their application in health field was evaluated. The chemical analysis showed that D.E. is rich in the lignan secoisolariciresinol diglucoside and L.E. in unsaturated triglycerides containing linolenic acid. Mainly, D.E. showed reducing (15.73 μmol Fe2+/g) and radical scavenging capacities (5.25 mg TE/g) and ability to down-regulate the expression of the pro-inflammatory cytokines NO (IC50 = 0.136 ± 0.009 mg/mL) and IL-6 (IC50 = 0.308 ± 0.103 mg/mL), suggesting its use in wound treatment. D.E. and L.E. were active against S. pyogenes and D.E. also against S. aureus. The two extracts were combined in a novel O/W emulgel in which the water phase was viscosized using a low molecular weight and highly deacetylated chitosan (1% wt./v). The presence of this polymer in the emulgel decreased the MIC values of the extracts. In fact, MIC shifted from 0.59 mg/mL to 0.052 mg/mL for D.E. and from 0.22 mg/mL to 0.036 mg/mL for L.E., concentrations safe both for keratinocytes and macrophages. Moreover, the emulgel demonstrated to inhibit S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, S. pyogenes, E. coli, and K. pneumoniae growth (inhibition halos 24-36 mm), strains often responsible for diabetic foot ulcer infection.

Keywords: anti-inflammatory; antibacterial; chitosan; emulgel; flaxseed extract; skin ulcers.