Methods and Developments in Graphical Pangenomics

J Indian Inst Sci. 2021;101(3):485-498. doi: 10.1007/s41745-021-00255-z. Epub 2021 Aug 24.


Pangenomes are organized collections of the genomic information from related individuals or groups. Graphical pangenomics is the study of these pangenomes using graphical methods to identify and analyze genes, regions, and mutations of interest to an array of biological questions. This field has seen significant progress in recent years including the development of graph based models that better resolve biological phenomena, and an explosion of new tools for mapping reads, creating graphical genomes, and performing pangenome analysis. In this review, we discuss recent developments in models, algorithms associated with graphical genomes, and comparisons between similar tools. In addition we briefly discuss what these developments may mean for the future of genomics.

Keywords: Genome assembly; Graph genomes; Graphical pangenomics; Multiple sequence alignment; Pangenomics.

Publication types

  • Review