Barts X as a Model for Teaching Digital Health

Med Sci Educ. 2021 May 4;31(4):1537-1538. doi: 10.1007/s40670-021-01299-7. eCollection 2021 Aug.


Due to recent technological innovations, digital health is quickly transforming the means of healthcare delivery. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, wearables and virtual consultations are increasingly being integrated into routine clinical care and with careful consideration; these promise to bring improvements to both professional workloads and patient outcomes. We highlight the need for dedicated digital health education in order to ensure appropriate use of patient data, patient safeguarding and the means by which we might incorporate this in a post-covid COVID curriculum. We comment on what can be learnt by Barts X Medicine, the first digital health programme in England to be integrated into the medical curriculum, to improve medical teaching.

Keywords: Barts X Medicine; Curriculum; Digital; Education; Students; Undergraduate.

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  • Editorial