A Novel Methodology for Measuring the Abstraction Capabilities of Image Recognition Algorithms

J Imaging. 2021 Aug 19;7(8):152. doi: 10.3390/jimaging7080152.


Creating a widely excepted model on the measure of intelligence became inevitable due to the existence of an abundance of different intelligent systems. Measuring intelligence would provide feedback for the developers and ultimately lead us to create better artificial systems. In the present paper, we show a solution where learning as a process is examined, aiming to detect pre-written solutions and separate them from the knowledge acquired by the system. In our approach, we examine image recognition software by executing different transformations on objects and detect if the software was resilient to it. A system with the required intelligence is supposed to become resilient to the transformation after experiencing it several times. The method is successfully tested on a simple neural network, which is not able to learn most of the transformations examined. The method can be applied to any image recognition software to test its abstraction capabilities.

Keywords: abstraction; artificial intelligence; image recognition; neural networks.