Dupuytren's disease: using needles more across the world

J Hand Surg Eur Vol. 2021 Sep 9;17531934211043307. doi: 10.1177/17531934211043307. Online ahead of print.


In this article we take an international perspective on the use of needles, either percutaneous needle fasciotomy (PNF) or Clostridial Collagenase Histiolyticum (CCH), in treating Dupuytren's Disease (DD). Worldwide, PNF is now used more frequently. The CCH has been withdrawn from non-USA markets, which lessens its use. Different patients have different preferences, while different surgeons have different skills and opinions. The surgeon should fully consider the patient's preference and should also, in view of the scarcity of surgical resource and the potential hazard of surgery, reconsider and expand the use of a needle rather than an operation. In the future, a cheaper, yet equally safe and effective alternative to CCH, will provide a useful clinical tool for those cords, which, in the surgeon's personal Venn diagram, are too challenging for PNF, but the patient does not want to have surgery.

Keywords: Dupuytren’s disease; decision-making; percutaneous needle fasciotomy; surgical release.