The galactan-binding immunoglobulin Fab J539: an X-ray diffraction study at 2.6-A resolution

Proteins. 1986 Sep;1(1):74-80. doi: 10.1002/prot.340010112.


The crystal structure of the Fab of the galactan-binding immunoglobulin J539 (a mouse IgA,kappa) has been determined at a resolution of approximately 2.6 A by X-ray diffraction. The starting model was that obtained from the real space search described previously (Navia, M.A., Segal, D.M., Padlan, E.A., Davies, D.R., Rao, D.N., Rudikoff, S. and Potter, M. "Crystal structure of galactan-binding mouse immunoglobulin J539 Fab at 4.5 A resolution." Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, 76:4071-4074, 1979). This Fab structure has now been refined by restrained least-squares procedures to an R-value of 19% for the 11,690 unique reflections between 8.0 A and 2.6 A. The rms deviation from ideal bond lengths is 0.025 A. The overall structure differs from McPC603 Fab, another mouse IgA,kappa antibody, in that the elbow bend, relating the variable and constant parts of the molecule, is 145 degrees vs. 133 degrees for McPC603. The region of the molecule expected to be the antigen binding site contains a large cavity with two clefts leading away from it. This has been fitted with a model of an oligo-galactan.

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