Fission yeast Stn1 maintains stability of repetitive DNA at subtelomere and ribosomal DNA regions

Nucleic Acids Res. 2021 Oct 11;49(18):10465-10476. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkab767.


Telomere binding protein Stn1 forms the CST (Cdc13/CTC1-STN1-TEN1) complex in budding yeast and mammals. Likewise, fission yeast Stn1 and Ten1 form a complex indispensable for telomere protection. We have previously reported that stn1-1, a high-temperature sensitive mutant, rapidly loses telomere DNA at the restrictive temperature due to frequent failure of replication fork progression at telomeres and subtelomeres, both containing repetitive sequences. It is unclear, however, whether Stn1 is required for maintaining other repetitive DNAs such as ribosomal DNA. In this study, we have demonstrated that stn1-1 cells, even when grown at the permissive temperature, exhibited dynamic rearrangements in the telomere-proximal regions of subtelomere and ribosomal DNA repeats. Furthermore, Rad52 and γH2A accumulation was observed at ribosomal DNA repeats in the stn1-1 mutant. The phenotypes exhibited by the stn1-1 allele were largely suppressed in the absence of Reb1, a replication fork barrier-forming protein, suggesting that Stn1 is involved in the maintenance of the arrested replication forks. Collectively, we propose that Stn1 maintains the stability of repetitive DNAs at subtelomeres and rDNA regions.

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