LncRNA RP11-465B22.8 triggers esophageal cancer progression by targeting miR-765/KLK4 axis

Cell Death Discov. 2021 Sep 24;7(1):262. doi: 10.1038/s41420-021-00631-9.


LncRNAs play an important role in tumorigenesis and progression; however, the function and mechanisms of lncRNAs in esophageal cancer (EC) remain largely unclear. In this study, we screened the differentially expressed lncRNAs in EC by using RNA-seq and one of the most upregulated lncRNAs, lncRNA RP11-465B22.8, was further characterized. LncRNA RP11-465B22.8 was upregulated in EC tissues and high lncRNA RP11-465B22.8 expression was associated with poor survival of EC patients. Ectopic expression of lncRNA RP11-465B22.8 enhanced the proliferation, migration, and invasion of EC cells, whereas knockdown of lncRNA RP11-465B22.8 led to the opposite effects. Mechanistically, lncRNA RP11-465B22.8 sponged miR-765 to increase the expression of KLK4. Moreover, LncRNA RP11-465B22.8 could be delivered from EC cells to macrophages via exosomes and subsequently induced M2 macrophage-induced cell migration and invasion. Our findings revealed a novel lncRNA RP11-465B22.8/miR-765/KLK4 pathway in EC and indicated that lncRNA RP11-465B22.8 might be a potential target for EC therapy.