Isolation and Characterization of Tissue Resident CD29-Positive Progenitor Cells in Livestock to Generate a Three-Dimensional Meat Bud

Cells. 2021 Sep 21;10(9):2499. doi: 10.3390/cells10092499.


The current process of meat production using livestock has significant effects on the global environment, including high emissions of greenhouse gases. In recent years, cultured meat has attracted attention as a way to acquire animal proteins. However, the lack of markers that isolate proliferating cells from bovine tissues and the complex structure of the meat make it difficult to culture meat in a dish. In this study, we screened 246 cell-surface antibodies by fluorescence-activated cell sorting for their capacity to form colonies and their suitability to construct spheroid "meat buds". CD29+ cells (Ha2/5 clone) have a high potency to form colonies and efficiently proliferate on fibronectin-coated dishes. Furthermore, the meat buds created from CD29+ cells could differentiate into muscle and adipose cells in a three-dimensional structure. The meat buds embedded in the collagen gel proliferated in the matrix and formed large aggregates. Approximately 10 trillion cells can theoretically be obtained from 100 g of bovine tissue by culturing and amplifying them using these methods. The CD29+ cell characteristics of bovine tissue provide insights into the production of meat alternatives in vitro.

Keywords: CD29; Ha2/5; adipogenic differentiation; culture meat; flow cytometry; mesenchymal stem/stromal cells.

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